Do you have visibility on all user accounts within your application /FTP/Shared Folders?


Are you confident the approval process is followed before access is provisioned?


Are you able to provide evidences to your auditors on your user provisioning/ de-provisioning process?


Do you have visibility on temporary access and access provided to external consultants?

What is AccessGeni?

Users provisioning, access modification and de-provisioning on Applications, FTP sites or Shared folders are      activities that have high risk impact on the security state of an organization.

Unauthorized users could potentially misuse the access by doing fraudulent transactions, unauthorized       changes to applications etc.

Many organizations use physical forms, excel sheet or Emails to request access / de-provision the users.

Subsequently its difficult to trace these requests over period of time, leading to audit gaps, non compliances.

There’s no standardized process for access management.

How AccessGeni works?


Human Resources is the most trusted source of information relating to all employees and their job responsibilities Hence, all requests for new users provisioning, role changes or resignations should originate from this trusted source


The assignment of roles OR identifying which systems employee would need access to is based on the employee job responsibility


The department head is the only entity who would know the roles the employee is entitled to, hence all requests should be approved by the department head.


Access requests for consultant access would be raised by the Project managers, approved by dept. heads.


The IT team would be responsible to create, make changes based on this approval only.

Features of AccessGeni

AccessGeni addresses the risks involved with this manual activity & provides an automated workflow      interface to record all requests, approvals and implementation (actual provisioning is done outside of this        application by IT team).

The application is linked with Active Directory for SSO.

All access related requests are made through the GUI.

Department head can assign roles and approve the same.

Consultant access management done through portal.

IT team will use the portal to provision /modify / de-provision.

Workflow solution – request, approval, implement, notify.

Benefits of AccessGeni?

Single interface for all access request management.

Role based access to all applications.

Approvals for all access before changes.

Complete audit trails are maintained of every request.

Reports of all provisioning / modification / de-provisioning.

Instant access to reports for IT, Dept. head (only for his specific dept.).

Track of all temporary requests, deleted on time.

Poor visibility on consultants access to systems eliminated.