Services offerings

EVN Consulting offers services in the cyber security domain covering basic to high end security solutions.

We are adept in providing consulting and advisory services based on your specific requirements. Whether it’s setting up new information security units or divisions within your organization OR specific security strategy, we can provide you guidance and help.

Our team have past experiences in formulating information security strategies for the corporate entities they have worked for and would be glad to help you achieve the same level of maturity. Some organizations may not have the flexibility of having full time CISO /CTO’s , we can help in advising you on the security requirements for your organization thereby avoiding need of a full time resource.

Ensuring security implementations are successful requires regular unbiased audits to be conducted. Our team is very skilled in conducting audits and providing you unbiased view of the security state. We highly recommend the audits to be done regularly by our experienced team.

Some of the audit areas we cover are for regulatory compliances like RBI, IRDA, TRAI and SEBI audits. We can review and ensure your organization is ready for these regulatory audits, front end the audits and help you close the gaps.

We also conduct specific audits for organizations requiring connecting to UIDAI (User identification authority of India) for authentication purposes against the Aadhaar Database. We will audit for the pre and post production environments.

The key to effective security solution implementation is knowing ‘how’ to implement. Products are as effective as the implementation strategy adopted by is said...’the devil is in the details’.

With our experience in implementing basic and high end security solution implementation, we realize the planning efforts required to make an effective implementation.

We can help in the designing, project planning and front end the implementation life cycle. We will help in identifying the ROI of the solution (where applicable) as well. Some of the solutions which we are adept in planning and implementing are listed below.

We believe it takes a lot of maturity for any organization to reach this level of security implementation. Once organizations move ahead of traditional perimeter and end point / server security, specialized initiatives listed below take the organization to an entirely new high.

Most importantly of all the projects is the Data security which comprises of data flow analysis which identifies the critical data within your organization, classifies it and identifies security solutions like DLP and DRM to plug the gaps. Privileged Identity management also prevent data leak through administrator access to critical systems, authorizing, logging and tracking all activities being done on the systems.

Post implementing a data security framework, it’s important to have an effective process for log correlation and having a team of security ops monitoring and take action on real time basis. Should an incident be identified, the Incidence response and recovery framework will help organizations manage an incident, right from responding to the incident to collecting evidences, identifying the root cause, doing forensics and plugging the gaps.

Business continuity will help ensure continuity of the business should any of the incidents prove detrimental to the organization..for ex: a DDOS attack or an Virus outbreak.

Recent advancements in technology initiatives like Cloud, Mobility and Virtualization have opened new channels where information security needs to be addressed.

Implementing solutions in cloud lead to security concerns of data leaks due to inadequate security implementation at the cloud service provider. We can assist in identifying a vendor who has accorded security the right importance, implement or project manage and audit the vendor post implementation.

Mobility solutions and Virtualization technology also contribute to security gaps which could be exploited. We can help in assessing your mobile application & virtualization implementation for security gaps..

IT plays an equal if not a bigger role in information security for an organization.

However, it never gets the importance it should in that context. Information security considerations at early stages of IT projects help in reducing the overall efforts & cost required to plug the gaps at later stage.

We can help create frameworks below to address these areas thereby contributing to a holistic and effective information security strategy.

Business Information Security Officer (BISO) – There’s a dearth of skilled information security officers in organizations. We can help train your security team or IT team members (interested in pursuing an Information security career) in becoming a Business Information security officer.

The role and responsibility of a BISO would be to be the bridge between IT, Business and Information Security and help drive information security implementation in the organization.

Some of the areas which the BISO would be trained on are –

We also provide specialized training on Cyber security awareness for your Employees and Senior management covering the dangers of social media, banking / ATM threats etc. These are tuned to make the audience aware of the security threats that endanger their use of Internet and how to transact safely.

EVN Consulting can help organizations achieve ISO, PCI DSS, Software products / Solutions certifications. ISO certifications provide organizations with the assurance of optimum level of security. It also boosts their external image to customers and regulatory bodies. For companies dealing in credit cards, the PCI DSS certification helps ensure the customer credit card data is secured.

Many new applications are designed by vendors or solution providers without following basic security measures due to urgency in going live. We can help either during the designing of the application OR assess security preparedness before going live.